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Top Tips

For using your wipes

Top Tips

When we decided to reinvent the wipe we knew it was going to mean doing things a little differently. We like different. And we also like easy. That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite tips for using your Not Yet Wet Wipes.

Basic How-To Video

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To Get a wipe

Whether the wipes bag is in or out of the canister, pull up on the wipe, using your opposite hand to gently pinch the opening of the bag. (see image)

To refill the Wipe Bag

Place a new roll inside the bag, pull up on the centermost wipe to start the roll, and tighten the drawstrings completely. If desired, place the bag back into the canister.

Wetting your wipes

1. Form into a loose ball
2. Douse with solution
3. Gently squeeze 
4. Open wipe + enjoy!

Using the Travel Squeezer

For best results: form the wipe into a loose ball, press the squeezer directly against the wipe and give the travel squeezer a generous squeeze to transfer the solution. Just as always, give the wipe a gentle squeeze to disperse the liquid. Open and enjoy!

Solution Ideas

*Please note that freshly brewed teas will have a shorter shelf life and should be used Immediately or refrigerated (for things like cooling postpartum herbal wipes)

Cleaning your wipes

When using your wipes for things like kitchen clean up, makeup removal, or wiping little hands, you can easily rinse the wipe out with a bit of soap and hang dry for another use.

If machine washing, we recommend washing on a gentle cycle and suggest just one wash and dry cycle since the agitation can be hard on the fibers.

When your wipes’ life cycle is up, cotton is naturally biodegradable and compostable, and will easily break down completely in a backyard or industrial compost.

And of course, they are disposable and can be tossed into the trash–but note that landfills do not allow for the decomposition of any materials.

Use Tips


Diaper changes | Hands and Face Wipes | Bathing

Suggestions: Make diaper changes easy by keeping your wipes and solution dispenser right near your diapers. Grab a diaper, wet a wipe and go!

Pro tip: Because they are so thick, you’ll usually only need one (even for poop!) but you can always wet two, and if you don’t use one you can hang it to dry for another use!



Make Removal | Oil Cleansing | Travel Wipes

Suggestions: Use them with your favorite cleanser, just to dry after washing your face, or with oil cleansers to remove dirt and makeup!

Pro tip: When using for your face they can last up to a week! Just use your wipe, rinse with water or water and a drop of castile soap, wring it out and hang to dry for the next day!


Highchair | Countertops | Bathrooms | Car

Suggestions: These thick wipes really know how to clean! Use them with your favorite natural cleaner (we love Branch Basics) or just a bit of water.

Pro Tip: Like face wipes, these can be rinsed and dried for other uses. I hang mine over the sink faucet. You can also throw them in the wash 1x.



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Not Yet Wet Wipes

Most disposable wipes are made of plastic and soaked in synthetics. That’s why we created 100% cotton Not Yet Wet Wipes™; the purest, most sustainable wipe we could dream up. Now you can enjoy the freedom of a truly gentle disposable wipe while honoring your values.

disposable baby wipes with a conscience