We made Not Yet Wet Wipes for baby bottoms…BUT they’re good for so much more.

They’re thick, soft, large, and reusable — opening up a world of versatility. As a bonus, they’re great at absorbing both liquids and oils!

Here’s a list of some of the ways that you can use Not Yet Wet Wipes to make life a little easier:

  1. Wiping Baby bottoms – seriously, Not Yet Wet Wipes are the best at this. They’re thick, soft, and super absorbent — meaning you can use less wipes for more mess. Find some of our fave baby wipes tips, here.

2. Cleaning Baby faces – mealtime is one of our favorite times, but it gets a little messy. Not Yet Wet Wipes are great for wiping down messy faces.They can be used, rinsed, and used again until baby’s cheeks are sparkling clean.

3. Wiping dirty hands – whether babies, kids, and adults, we’ve all had dirty hands! Clean baby’s hands after mealtime, or your own after stopping at the gas pump.

4. Blowing your nose – Not Yet Wet Wipes blow facial tissues OUT OF THE…nose? They absorb so much more, are much softer, and can be used more more than once — like a hanky!

5. Cleaning or dusting the inside of your car – One of my personal favorite ways to use our wipes is in the car! I keep one in a cupholder for daily dusting and always get a wet one prepared for the drive-through car wash. I can use #justonewipe for wiping down the entire dash and seats!

6. Postpartum and period care – being soft and absorbent make Not Yet Wet Wipes perfect for all of your feminine care needs! Tip: throw one in the freezer to make a grab-and-go cooling pad!

7. Nursing pads – in those early milky postpartum days and leaking through your shirts? Fold up a Not Yet Wet Wipe, place in your bra, and let it do its thing!

8. On-the-go oil diffusing – I’m loving this new little life hack. Simply drip a few drops of your favorite oil on a wipe and leave it in the car door, bathroom, or wherever else you’d like a nice scent. (You can use the same wipe over and over for this)

9. Napkins – I can use ONE Not Yet Wet Wipe in place of at least 10 paper napkins. Just give it a try 😉

10. First aid – From small cuts to bloody noses, Not Yet Wet Wipes are great for clearing and cleaning.

11. All the camping and road trip things – for real though, ALL the camping things. Not Yet Wet Wipes are the only wipe you need for cleaning, potty breaks, makeup removal, dining — you name it.

12. Wiping big kid bottoms – baby bottoms aren’t the only bottoms in need of a little extra help. Not Yet Wet Wipes are great for the older kid with a skid (too much?).

13. Cleaning your home – we love pairing Not Yet Wet Wipes with Branch Basics for whole house cleaning.

14. Dusting your home – when dry, Not Yet Wet Wipes make a great reusable dusting cloth — they can even replace a Swiffer sheet in a pinch!

15. Wetting postage stamps – bleck, right? No one likes liking those things…but now you don’t have to! Simply wet a wipe, swipe, stick, and repeat.

16. De-greasing a frying pan (or oiling a cast iron pan) – Sunday bacon got you up to your elbows in grease? Not Yet Wet Wipes are great at absorbing not only water, but oil as well! They’ll sop up all that grease in one swoop!

17. Sanitizing things – add hydrogen peroxide or a homemade sanitizing liquid and wipe down anything you’d like — from toys to steering wheels.

18. Makeup removal – one of my favorite things about using Not Yet Wet Wipes for makeup removal is that you can use the same wipe for days in a row. After using, just rinse, wring, and hang to dry for the next day!

19. Nail polish removal – folding a wipe up into eighths makes for the perfect cotton pad that will remove polish better than anyhting you;ve tried!

20. Body wipes – skipping the shower? Use a Not Yet Wet Wipe with a bot of water and Wipe + Wash Concentrate to wipe your face, pits, and feet — in that order 😉

21. Drying your hands (more than once) – leave a dry Not Yet Wet Wipe near the sink for hand drying — it can be used at least all day.

22. Extra layers in your mask – while not a filter, the extra layers of wipes may protect you, and others, from sharing any undesirables. Here’s a quick video to explain.

23. Beach day things – Not Yet Wet Wipes are a beach day staple! From post-picnic wipe-down to removing sand from little hands.

24. Cleaning dirty pet paws – because our pets deserve the best, too!

25. Homemade dryer sheets – we’re so happy a customer brought this to our attention! You can wet your wipes with a simple solution of vinegar and essential oils, then toss it in the dryer for extra softness. Tip: we like to use pre-washed wipes for this one!