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Did you know that most wipes are made of plastic? At Earthly we think a little differently.

Earthlys’ cotton wipes are made with 50% unbleached, OEKO-TEX certified, Mississippi grown True Cotton, and 50% mechanically repurposed post-industrial cotton clothing scrap–keeping unnecessary waste from landfills. Yipee!

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Not Yet Wet

Why did we make our wipes Not Yet Wet? The answer is simple–it’s the purest thing we could do.

We worked with different preservative and additive combinations for over a year, but at the end of all of our research we found that the natural stuff flat out didn’t pass testing, and the synthetic stuff, although safe, didn’t meet the standards we were looking to set.

By holding back on adding solution, we put the control completely into your hands. YOU CHOOSE what touches your skin. Make a truly pure water-only wipe, add your favorite makeup remover, or create your own perfect solution.

Reusable Packaging

One of our favorite things about Not Yet Wet Wipes is that you can use them with reusable, plastic-free packaging!

Our wipes bag keeps the rolls clean and snug and can be used inside the canisters for standing upright, or on their own on-the-go.

They were made  3″ around, making them perfect for fitting into cup holders and bottle pockets.

The bag is washable, and both the bag and canister are compostable when it comes to the end of their life cycle.

Cleaning your Wipes

When using your wipes for things like kitchen clean up, makeup removal, or wiping little hands, you can easily rinse the wipe out with a bit of soap and hang dry for another use. You can also machine wash and dry your wipe, once!

When your wipes’ life cycle is up, cotton is naturally biodegradable and compostable, and will easily break down completely in a backyard or industrial compost.

And of course, they are disposable and can be tossed into the trash, just note that landfills do not allow for the decomposition of any materials.

Not Yet Wet Wipes

Most disposable wipes are made of plastic and soaked in synthetics. That’s why we created 100% cotton Not Yet Wet Wipes™; the purest, most sustainable wipe we could dream up. Now you can enjoy the freedom of a truly gentle disposable wipe while honoring your values.

disposable baby wipes with a conscience

Made in the USA